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The anti-flooding window for the safety of your property. Watertight anti-flooding windows with single leaf inward opening complete with frame on four sides and gasket compression lever tightening handles. Composed of silver finish aluminum slats. Equipped with handles for locking and unlocking the window. It allows the closure of the same and its holding in position. Perimeter sealing gasket. Tightening handles for opening and closing the door. The pressure exerted at the moment of closure, causing the door seals to be forced onto the aluminum perimeter frame, guarantees watertightness. Simple window installation: Just fix the frame to the wall with screws and seal with silicone, the rest is all arranged by us.
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FLOOD SHIELD STOP FLOODING - THE DIY ANTI-FLOOD KIT FOR EVERYONE Water barriers, anti-flooding threshold Water barrier for doors, anti-flooding threshold for garages, and more. Light, fast, and easy to install. Allows blocking water and defending homes, businesses, garages, etc. A quick solution that prevents water, rain, debris, etc. from passing through your door. The Flood Shield kit is a patented product by STOP FLOODING. The anti-flooding barrier with a height of 10 cm is ready-to-use and cost-effective. At a height of 10 cm, it is light and manageable. Ideal for garage doors, residential entrances, or any access prone to flooding. Thanks to its dimensions, it will stop any flooding that could occur in your property up to 10 cm high. Width from 50 cm to 300 cm. ANTI-FLOOD BARRIER KIT FOR GARAGES QUICK ANTI-FLOOD BARRIER KIT. Promotional price for DIY anti-flooding barrier - 245,00 € Height 10 cm It is a 10 cm high anti-flooding barrier to be quickly installed in front of the door. The two brackets to be fixed to the doorposts allow for a quick and secure assembly. The upper compression brackets and the front push supports ensure water tightness. Order the anti-flooding barrier kit now.
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Aluminium Anti-Flood Bulkhead in DIY kit in light: The flood bulkhead allows you to protect your Property, your House, your Garage or your Commercial establishment, with a quick to assemble barrier system. Completely made of aluminium and manufactured with slats, watertight seals, grab handles and necessary accessories. Made in Italy! Anyone can install our Anti-Flood Bulkheads. We ship the Anti-Flood Bulkhead as a pre-assembled kit by courier... all you have to do is fix the two uprights to the sides of the opening by spreading a little silicone and drilling 4 holes in the wall with a normal drill and screw the uprights together with the screws provided... nothing could be easier! The kit includes: N 1 anti-flooding bulkhead N 1 pair of U-shaped supports Screws and dowels What do you need for self-assembly? 1) Drill to drill and fix the two rails in the wall 2) Silicone to spread around the perimeter of the guides and between the guides and the wall 3) Screwdriver
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Bracket kit for Flood Barrier

The package contains the brackets and all the components necessary for their assembly. Pair of brackets measuring 50x50x3 mm with a patented closing system to be positioned at the entrance. It is a DIY kit that is easy to install. Complete with all the necessary accessories. The kit includes: 2 vertical "U" brackets to be fixed to the wall, height 47.5 cm 8 pressure knobs 2 supports to push the barrier down 3 ml adhesive seal Delivery in 2 days. ATTENTION: TABLE NOT INCLUDED
€244.00 incl tax